It’s easy to get involved in Circle of Friends. Just by caring, you’re already part of this
movement. Here are some things you can do today to take action and make a difference.
Tell your friends and family (and co-workers, and neighbors, and anyone else you can think of) that you’re going to quit smoking and you need their support. Leaning on them when you need encouragement is proven to work. Chances are, they’ll be glad to help you.

Speak up! Tell her how much you care. Knowing you’ll be there for her when quitting gets rough might be just enough motivation to help her try, or will help her when she’s ready to quit. By creating a circle of friends and family who will help, you can increase her chances of success by 50%.

Here’s a list of state and national quitlines to share with friends who want to quit smoking. These groups have lots of experience and advice. If you smoke and are trying to quit, these are the numbers to call for general information or encouragement when the going gets tough. Try programming them into your speed-dial so they’re always easy to access.

Knowledge is power. When someone knows the facts about quitting and the best way to do it, she’ll have a better chance of kicking the habit for good. Give this information to your friends who are trying to quit or print it out for yourself.

For more information on the effects of tobacco, check out this fact database from the American Legacy Foundation.

The Circle of Friends Sunburst symbolizes the hope that quitting smoking is possible with the right tools, including support from friends and family.  Wearing a Sunburst is one more way you and your friends can shine light on this important cause. It also makes a great personal reminder—whether you’re helping someone quit or struggling to beat a craving of your own—that a friend is there when you need her.

Have a friend who’s trying to quit? Or want to encourage someone to try? Send an eCard to let your friend know you care and that you believe she can do it.  Or, print out our new friendship coupons to make a friend smile and promise your help. Remember, your support can make it easier for her to quit and boost her chances of succeeding.