The Circle of Friends Sunburst symbolizes the hope that quitting smoking is possible with the right tools, including support from friends and family.

Wearing a Sunburst is one more way you and your friends can shine light on this important cause.

The Circle of Friends Sunburst Charm Bracelet is available exclusively through mark. This silver-plated chain bracelet features three dangling Sunburst charms. All net proceeds from the sale of each bracelet – a minimum of $12 – go to help women live smoke-free.

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About Angela Cummings

We’re proud to have world-renowned jewelry designer Angela Cummings behind our cause. She began her career at Tiffany & Co. in 1968. In the decades since then, she’s been dedicated to innovation in design. Her creations reflect her talent while remaining true to her personal aesthetic and individual sense of style. When she created the Sunburst for us, she captured the hope and new beginning that Circle of Friends offers women who struggle with tobacco addiction.